International Development and Relief

IDRB is organised as a charitable company limited by guarantee and is committed to expressing compassion towards underprivileged individuals by offering health care, educational aid, and initiating projects for community upliftment. We are devoted to executing our duties with precision, honesty, modesty, and kindness. Every member of our staff, our methods of funding, and collaborative engagements are selected in alignment with these core values and objectives. We are dedicated to identifying and seizing opportunities to assist the impoverished and fortify families in the world’s most needy regions. Our mission is deemed accomplished when these individuals and communities are empowered to self-sustain and improve the quality of life for themselves and their neighbors. We envision a world where sustainable development is realized through enabling others.

Our foundational principles include:

  • Human Resources – We allocate human resources effectively to foster sustainable growth.
  • Empowerment – Our focus is on enabling and equipping individuals and communities to address and overcome their explicit and implicit challenges.
  • Partnership – We engage in meaningful and accountable collaborations with international bodies, governmental institutions, and local communities, promoting solutions rooted in community participation for enduring development.
  • Integrity without Bias – Our operations are guided by unwavering integrity, impartial to ethnicity, gender, religion, or nationality.
  • Funding – We never solicits funds from countries in which IDRB is working. All funding for projects, programs, and maintenance of personnel comes from external sources, including associated charitable networks.

IDRB was originally established in 1999 to address needs stemming from the recurring natural and man-made disasters in the Horn of Africa. The organisation’s initial efforts focused on emergency relief; however, as the company grew in terms of funding and human resources, IDRB began to implement community-based projects with long-term goals. Today, IDRB has ongoing projects and operations in Djibouti, Ethiopia, the Horn of Africa, East Africa, and Jordan.



Company Number: 03862575

Registered Charity Number: 1101170