IDRB is a global non-government organisation that is committed to the following objectives:

To provide relief from the effects of drought, famine and other disasters.

To address the causes and effects of poverty.

To improve both access to and the quality
of education.

Founded and registered as a charity, IDRB is a non-political, non-religious organisation that offers its services regardless of race, creed, religion, or political persuasion.

The company is funded by a variety of sources, including international donors, corporations, businesses, foundations, individuals, and charitable groups. IDRB has received project funding from such sources as UNHCR, CARE, UNICEF, the Canadian High Commision, UNOSOM, IOM, and WHO. IDRB welcomes funding from all sources, provided that such funding fits the objectives and developmental work of the organisation.

IDRB implements a broad range of projects and programs. These projects reflect the developmental philosophy of IDRB, which is based upon the following tenets:

Community-based initiatives.

Emphasis on people rather than
impersonal projects.

Transferable technology and processes.

Cooperative partnerships with communities.

Programs and projects that are culturally
sensitive and applicable.

Programs and projects that strive for
long-term indigenous implementation.

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For more information about IDRB, please contact theĀ International Manager.