IDRB Tanzania is actively involved in assisting local communities to address various needs in the areas of water resources, public health, and education.

In the Kinondoni and Muheza Districts, IDRB helps villages and communities to develop, rehabilitate, and protect water resources such as wells, catchments, and distribution systems. At times, IDRB acts as implementing partner, drilling wells, installing pumps, and repairing existing infrastructure in cooperation with the local community.
At other times, IDRB acts as facilitator to the community, bringing together various groups to determine needs, identify resources, and apply solutions to development problems.

IDRB Tanzania promotes public health through sanitation projects; the provision and distribution of educational material; and direct assistance to victims of debilitating diseases such as polio.

IDRB Tanzania also works with communities to improve the quality of education through the provision of educational resources, the development and rehabilitation of educational buildings and infrastructure, and the facilitation of community and district cooperation.