Engaging new regions and villages, continuing ongoing programs, and beginning new projects summarizes the work of IDRB-Morocco in 2018.

In new villages of the Atlas Mountains, remote desert towns of the Sahara regions, and mountainous terrain along the Mediterranean coast, IDRB has used development, relief and education to impact lives in North Africa. With American and other international partners, IDRB has continued water and renewable energy projects in Middle Atlas villages, and this year installed our first solar-powered water pump providing water to a school and surrounding village. In conjunction with the water projects, village leadership receives training in community development and women are provided health care classes.

Winter rains and snow ended a seven year drought for most of Morocco but also brought with them the devastating destruction from flooding and collapsing of homes. IDRB was able to supply blankets, food, and other provisions for families who lost shelter and loved ones.

IDRB continues to impact lives of young people through special week-long sports camps and ongoing athletic programs through sports associations, orphanages, and the national department of social services (Entraide Nationale).

Educational trainings and teacher partnerships remain a vital role of IDRB. The IDRB teachers residing in Morocco bring a variety of experiences and backgrounds to public school classrooms to provide instruction and encouragement. In addition, IDRB partners with American associations which send experienced classroom teachers to Morocco for an exchange of ideas and teaching techniques with their Moroccan counterparts.